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Mottlův dům

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This building is known as the “Mottl House”. One of the most beautiful views of it is from the terrace of a nearby cafe in the Adria Palace. From here you can fully appreciate all the architectural details of the building and meditate on them over a cup of coffee.

The facade to Jungmann Square has a width of six window axes. In the zone of the second left axis, risalite with main entrance to the house in the shape of a compressed oval. At the level of the 3rd and 4th floors, the risalit is divided into balconies, at the top it is crowned by an Art Nouveau-shaped gable dated 1906. In the metal lattice of the wooden entrance door we read the monograms of theowner and architect: KM (Karel Mottl) and VM (Vendelín Mottl).




The building bears a rich ArtNouveau stucco and sgraffito decoration. Its structure bears elements of Neo-Renaissance architecture, which Art Nouveau began to gradually displace. It was originally designed as a department store with luxury fashion or haberdashery.


This building is finally just back to its own beauty after many years of bad private decisions and management. Suddenly, the purpose of the building is reduced only to the market aspect in the form of rent for the trader, which can be demanded in such a lucrative location.

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