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The stunning entrance at Municipal House of Prague

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Municipal house was originally named the Representative House. It was officially on the Republic Square, in fact at the beginning of the former promenade along Na Příkopě Street along the medieval fortifications that separated the Old Town from the New Town, founded in 1348.

The intention of the Prague City Hall to build a representative building and the desire of the most important Czech association Měšťanské beseda to expand its premises for city money stood at the birth of a new building that would represent the capital of the kingdom and support Czech social life.

On October 28, 1918, the Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed from the balcony in front of the Mayor’s Hall . At the same time, the first law of the new republic was issued, and from 28 October to 13 November, the National Committee sat here as the first parliament and government of the state.

The Art Nouveau building from 1905 – 1911 is a proof of unprecedented artistic and craft skills and quality. Concert Hall are perfect Art Nouveau interiors decorated by leading painters and sculptors such as A. Mucha, J. Preisler, L. Šaloun.

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