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Hotel Paris in Prague

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Hotel Paris in Prague is a 5-star luxury Art Nouveau hotel behind Republic Square. The hotel was built according to the plans of the court council of Jan Vejrych from 1904 and was built until 1907. It is a neo-Gothic building with significant Art Nouveau elements, or an early Art Nouveau building . The interior was designed by architect Antonín Pfeifer and the ceramic mosaics, which mainly decorate the interior of the restaurant and the exterior of the hotel are made by Jano Köhler.

“There are pieces that, intrinsically, are beautiful, and can be used with other elements of design. They can be very fanciful, lyrical, and incredibly feminine in many ways.”

The hotel was built on a plot where several houses used to stand. The first mention of one of them is from the Zbraslav Chronicle in 1310 , when it was named as the house of Nicholas from the tower. Nowdays the building was modified in the years 1926 – 1928, then in 1993 it got reconstructed and restoration.

Writer Bohumil Hrabal set a substantial part of the story of the book “I Served the King of England” at the Hotel Paris. In the film version, the owner of the hotel, Mr. Brandejs, is starred by Josef Abrhám. The current owner of the hotel, Mr. Antonín Brandejs, continues the family hotel tradition.

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