Pictures selection of best architectural portals and doors in Prague of all times by Pierpaolo Riccio / L’ombrello italiano
© photos by #bestpraguedoors

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Bestpraguedoors / Pražské prahy

Our calendar is finally out!

Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.

After the first 1000 post on our Instagram page, we finally got the further step.

Bestpraguedoors is happy to share its first wall-calendar for 2021. A unique selection of twelve doors and portals of Prague from Romanesque to Modernist style. It has been an hard choice! We hope, you will enjoy it!

We are proud of it and hope it can be a good wish for a better year!


“If you feel you have to open a particular door, open it, otherwise all your life that door will haunt your mind!”

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